Massachusetts Dance Festival

at Boston University

Saturday. JUNE 23rd
7:00 PM

KAIROS will present excerpts from
“That Girl and The Other One”

Directed & Choreographed by
DeAnna Pellecchia & ingrid Schatz

Created & Performed by Hanna Alex, Jenny Bencze, Laura Eldred, Samantha Flick, Mikayla Martin, Erin McNulty, Rena Montville, DeAnna Pellecchia, Ingrid Schatz, Mila Thigpen, Kristin Wagner, Katie Von Wald, and Ekaterina Zelenskaya

Boston University Dance Theater
915 Commonwealth Avenue
(entrance on Buick St)
Boston. MA 02155
For directions CLICK HERE
For parking information CLICK HERE

Ticket Information
Tickets purchased on-line: $20
Tickets purchased at the door: $25

Participating Companies
BoSoma Dance Company
Contrapose Dance
KAIROS Dance Theater
Legacy Dance Company
Maria Steele/QuickSilver
Sokolow Now
Sorvino Dance
Deadfall Dance


YOU’RE Invited!…
to join us for an OPEN REHEARSAL this Wednesday evening

AN OUTSIDE EYE: Coaching & Direction for Performers
with Paula Josa-Jones, MA, CMA, RSME/T

Please join us wednesday evening for an open rehearsal with special guest, director/choreographer Paula Josa-Jones. Paula coaches performers in all disciplines who want to find more fire and “wild play” in their performing. She helps choreographers expand their vision, sharpen intention and find the “through-lines” in their work. Come watch Paula in action and join in on a rich, lively, informal discussion about KAIROS’ work and the dance-making process! This event is free + open to the public! Snacks and beverages will be served.

Wednesday. JUNE 20th. 7:00 PM
Boston Center for The Arts
Calderwood Pavilion
Second Floor (Studio A)
527 Tremont Street
Boston. MA

About Paula:
PAULA JOSA-JONES, MA, CMA, RSME/T, is a choreographer, director and equestrian who has developed a unique form of visually charged dance-theater built on the sensuous experience of the body as landscape and source for movement and voice. Her work includes theatrical choreography for humans, inter-species work with horses, dancers and riders, film and video. Her work has been produced in Russia, Europe, Mexico and throughout the United States. Her company Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works has received support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the New England Foundation for the Arts, the Arts Lottery, Creative Time, the Dakota Foundation, LEF Foundation, the Claneil Foundation, the Polaroid Foundation, and two grants from the Trust for Mutual Understanding for their work in Russia. She has received commissions from the Joyce Theater, Jacob’s Pillow, Dance Umbrella, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, and nuArts at Northeastern University, among others.

This event is being held in conjunction with KAIROS’ Dance Residency at The Boston Center for The Arts. The Dance Residency at the Boston Center for the Arts gives choreographers the opportunity to create dance without the financial burden of rehearsal studio or theater rental. The BCA serves as the host for the selected company and through marketing support, helps develop an audience for residency events. This alleviates the choreographer’s workload of certain logistical and financial items, enabling the artist to focus completely on the creation of work and immersion into the process. 

BACKSTAGE WITH KAIROS: An Inside Look Into Our Dance-Making Process

Join us for Open Rehearsals / Feedback Sessions — FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 

KAIROS is in the beginning stages of creating what will become our BCA Dance Residency performance. We will be showing some sketches of sections and snippets of phrase materials yet to be developed.
We are inviting special guests/experts in the dance field into our studio to provide us with some feedback — opinions, reactions, ideas on phrasing, spacing, music, relationships, etc.. We would also love to hear from YOU! Come listen and join in on a rich, lively, informal discussion about our work and the dance-making process!

Snacks and beverages will be served.

Friday. June 15th | 7:00 PM
Special guests: Ann Brown Allen (Dance Faculty | Boston University) and Wendy Jehlen (Artistic Director | ANIKAI Dance Company)

Saturday. June 16th | 1:30 PM
Special guests: Micki Taylor-Pinney (Director of Dance | Boston University) and Nicole Pierce (Artistic Director | EgoArt, Inc.)

Wednesday. June 20th | 7:00 PM
Special guest: Paula Josa-Jones (Artistic Director | Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works)

Calderwood Pavilion, Second Floor (Studio A), Boston Center for the Arts, 527 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116. T-STOP: orange line to BACKBAY

If you know you’re coming shoot us an email; or if you just so happen to be in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by! Hope to see you!

Footage from DWC

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(The above photo is from our performance at Jose Mateo’s Dance for World Community Festival)

Excellent company class today at the BCA! We worked extensively with Laban – time working in three dimensions…planes, directions. Then we did some Capoeira across the floor which we’ve been working on since last week – what a difference! The Laban work forced us to slowly define specific points and lines of movement so when it came time to Capoeira, our movements were smoother and flowed more evenly. It helped each of us move more fully and add clarity where there was vagueness. We were all huffing and puffing after exploring the transverse plane, so it was also a great workout!

In other news, our little Hanna Alex hobbled into rehearsal today with her Tiny Tim cane but after doing some assisted stretching with DeAnna is up on her feet and dancing again!!! Gotta love the dedication. Dancing 7 days a week can really take a toll on a person’s body and despite some minor injuries we as a group are moving forward fast!

Rehearsal continues on… Basically we are spending time teaching each other phrases that we use as molds for larger sections of movement. Some things we keep, some we modify, some get recycled, others are brand new. It’s a wonderful hodgepodge of some really nice dancing and it’s fun to play around with! Amazingly enough, themes pop up here and there and this little piece gets added to that little section and before you know it, there’s a good minute and half of choreography! Our emphasis on organic process is important in our work because there isn’t anything useful in just sitting down and thinking “okay I gotta choreograph something now”. With so many voices in the room that are all completely willing to dive into the unknown, material comes easily and is always genuine.

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Get more KAIROS!!

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Trusting your gut

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Today we worked with the teens for the first time and it was so exciting! They’re such amazing young women. It’s so inspiring to work with such enthusiastic, talented people. Look for a video soon!

We’ve been dedicating some time to a phrase based primarily on gestures (which we creatively nicknamed “The Gesture Phrase”).

A lot of our work in this residency has been based on experimentation and allowing anything to happen. The discovery that occurs during artistic explorations is thrilling. We have been spending our classes conditioning our bodies and our rehearsals exercising our creativity. We have already spent a good deal of time on improvisation; the kind that sprouts from something buried deep inside of us. For example, for the Gesture Phrase shown in the video above, much time was spent coming up with more choreography for our lower halves, along with trying a bunch of different ideas and seeing where they land with us as a group. The magic of dance is that when a movement feels good or feels like it belongs, your body knows it before your brain does. To trust yourself and allow for authentic discoveries to happen organically is more difficult than you think!

One week down! Three more to go. 🙂 Time is going too fast already! In one week we have already made ourselves at home, laughed, cried, sweat, had injuries, turned, leaped, twisted, shouted, improvised, bonded, took several classes, created several phrases and had two performances. PHEW! Can’t wait to see what happens next!