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Posted: August 20, 2012 in news

KAIROS’ work with digital media artist Alison Kotin to be featured as part of “ART ON THE MARQUEE” at the BCEC

“You Will Be Safe”, a digitally altered motion-capture video created by digital media artist Alison Kotin in collaboration with KAIROS Dance Theater, is one of the ten pieces by Massachusetts artists and artist teams selected to be featured as part of “Art on the Marquee” at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center this fall. Selections were based foremost upon artistic excellence through a proposal process managed by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and Boston Cyberarts, a non-profit arts organization created to foster, develop, and present a wide spectrum of media arts, including electronic and digital experimental arts programming.

About “Art on the Marquee”

“Art on the Marquee” is an ongoing project funded by the MCCA that commissions public media art by local artists. Commissioned pieces are displayed alongside commercial and informational content on the new 80-foot-tall multi-screen LED marquee outside the BCEC in South Boston.The largest urban screen in New England, this unique digital canvas is one of the first of its kind in the United States, offering artists more than 3,000 square feet of digital display on seven screens, providing full-motion video and a viewership of more than 100,000 pedestrians and motorists. The marquee is visible for a half a mile in many directions and is seen by traffic on Summer, D, and Congress streets, as well as from the surrounding hotels, office buildings and the Seaport World Trade Center.

 About “You Will Be Safe”

“You Will Be Safe” is based on a solo performance choreographed by Artistic Directors DeAnna Pellecchia and Ingrid Schatz, for dancer Kristin Wagner during KAIROS’ 2012 Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency. Wagner’s solo is the newest section of “That Girl and The Other One”, an ongoing work developed by Pellecchia and Schatz which uses contemporary dance to explore and shed light on women’s complex struggles for strength and personal identity in the face of society’s expectations. Digital media artist Alison Kotin generated interactive, real-time projections based on Wagner’s movements and silhouettes which were captured with an infrared camera, and then digitally simplified, distorted, and translated for the screen.

Originally screened as part of a dynamic stage set during Wagner’s solo performance, “You Will Be Safe” is also a powerful stand-alone video piece. Ghostly images move through space and then dissolve into abstract geometric form. During performances at the BCA the larger-than-life projection mimicking a dancer’s movements played with scale and perceptions of distance. At full size on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center’s screens, Wagner’s figure will tower above pedestrians, emphasizing both the power and the vulnerability of her movements.
YOU WILL BE SAFE will go live in early September. Like us on FACEBOOK / Follow us on TWITTER to find out when!

> Motion-capture video
by Alison Kotin
> Directed/Choreographed by DeAnna Pellecchia & Ingrid Schatz
> Created collaboratively with/performed by Kristin Wagner


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