specificity and clarity

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


(The above photo is from our performance at Jose Mateo’s Dance for World Community Festival)

Excellent company class today at the BCA! We worked extensively with Laban – time working in three dimensions…planes, directions. Then we did some Capoeira across the floor which we’ve been working on since last week – what a difference! The Laban work forced us to slowly define specific points and lines of movement so when it came time to Capoeira, our movements were smoother and flowed more evenly. It helped each of us move more fully and add clarity where there was vagueness. We were all huffing and puffing after exploring the transverse plane, so it was also a great workout!

In other news, our little Hanna Alex hobbled into rehearsal today with her Tiny Tim cane but after doing some assisted stretching with DeAnna is up on her feet and dancing again!!! Gotta love the dedication. Dancing 7 days a week can really take a toll on a person’s body and despite some minor injuries we as a group are moving forward fast!

Rehearsal continues on… Basically we are spending time teaching each other phrases that we use as molds for larger sections of movement. Some things we keep, some we modify, some get recycled, others are brand new. It’s a wonderful hodgepodge of some really nice dancing and it’s fun to play around with! Amazingly enough, themes pop up here and there and this little piece gets added to that little section and before you know it, there’s a good minute and half of choreography! Our emphasis on organic process is important in our work because there isn’t anything useful in just sitting down and thinking “okay I gotta choreograph something now”. With so many voices in the room that are all completely willing to dive into the unknown, material comes easily and is always genuine.

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