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Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


Today we started off our company class with some interesting talks on various sexual identities and orientations. Kairos classes tend to organically begin with discussion of current events; I guess that is what happens in a room full of educated and worldly artists. We then spent a lot of time working with Authentic Movement: a process that allows you to activate your movement in ways that feel natural and specific to the mover instead of copying the things that they see. We switched to rehearsal mode by breaking off into groups and using some of our work from last night to create small phrases that we later taught each other. It was then that we realized that our own little way of talking to one another is rather… interesting, so we have a video of that special language coming your way! As we reach the middle of our first week, we all feel as though we have been in this space forever and have made a lot of great work. It is exciting to think of what we will do with all of the time we have left. 

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