Bullies, victims and heroes

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

KAIROS had a very full and exciting day today! The first part of our day was spent in rehearsal with our talented teens of Urbano and later we had our full company rehearsal. We started off our evening rehearsal with three questions: When were you a Hero? When were you a Victim? When were you a Bully? We wrote down our answers, exchanged papers, and took someone else’s words into the next activity that included floor pattern work. We took turns reading what someone else had written as we followed an established walking pattern. There was a very powerful energy in the room as our intimate answers were being shared. These explorations in owning another person’s experience, experimentation, and physical imagery continued as we paired off and took turns physicalizing our direct reactions to our new thoughts on the original three questions. Then, our partner would take what they felt were the most powerful images and danced them for the rest of the group. It is a very intimate and thrilling experience to take on someone else’s movements while owning them in your body and experiencing the dance. Overall, a very good day of creativity, connection, and exploration!

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