Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Happy First Day of the Residency! We are all SO excited to be in the Boston Center of the Arts for the entire month of June!

Today we moved into the beautiful Boston Center for the Arts. With the help of Andrea Blesso, we quickly acclimated ourselves to the space and got right to work. Lynda Reiman (our Lighting Collaborator) and Alison Kotin (Digital Media Collaborator) spent time dreaming up ideas on how to use the space most effectively while making it their own. Later on our Company of dancers arrived with huge enthusiasm at the opportunity to work with old friends in new places. We started rehearsal with a fun and energetic round of Zumba led by our own Hannah Alex. We’re so lucky to have such a talented group with diverse dance backgrounds that will be utilized throughout this whole process. Next, DeAnna led some conditioning, which will be part of our regular rehearsal so everyone can be in shape for all of the challenging work we will be doing. We then switched gears to some Listening Strategies and used our senses to get more intimately acquainted with the space. Overall, a very exciting day! Can’t wait to see the work we all come up with. We are so blessed to have this beautiful space, these talented collaborators, and we’re looking forward to what is sure to be a memorable artistic experience!

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