FREE Performance at URBANO

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Tell Me I Shouldn’t. I’ll Tell You I Would.”

MAY 11. 2012: 6 – 8 pm

284 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain. 02130
FIRST FLOOR inside the Brewery Building
CLICK for directions

T-STOP: Stony Brook on the Orange Line

URBANO PROJECT teen performers premiere “Tell Me I Shouldn’t. I’ll Tell You I Would” – a performance, media, and sound design project created collaboratively by teen artists and professional artists about trust, protest, and making your voice heard. “Tell Me I Shouldn’t. I’ll Tell You I Would” was created in conjunction with “Speak Out. Act Up. Move Forward”, URBANO’s Spring 2012 Artists’ Project and has been performed at The Institute of Contemporary Art and the Massachusetts State House.
*with project partner Medicine Wheel Productions

-DeAnna Pellecchia & Ingrid Schatz (choreographers)
-Alison Kotin (digital media artist)
-Shaw Pong Liu (composer)
-Carlos Villamil (costume designer)

about this project
URBANO PROJECT empowers urban teens and professional artists to effect social change through participatory works of contemporary art and performance. Professional artists work with Boston high school students to create collaborative, public works that invite interaction and conversation.

URBANO’s resident artists propose contemporary arts and performance projects in response to a yearly theme. This year’s theme is Disobedience: Personal, Political and Social. “Tell Me I Shouldn’t. I’ll Tell You I Would” is a performance piece inspired by popular culture, contemporary events and ideas, local and international history, and the performer’s life experience. Teen artists worked together with Pellecchia and Schatz to create original choreography and text, responding to historic and contemporary acts of civil disobedience from Occupy Boston to the Tienanmen Square protests. Working with Liu and Kotin, students contributed to the development of a multi-media performance environment, including an original music score and an interactive digital sound installation. Teens from Medicine Wheel Productions have crafted movable sculpture components which act as a human-powered stage set. Inside these 8-foot frames, MWP teens create a dynamic landscape that continually shifts. Friday’s performance is FREE + open to the public – all are welcome!

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