KAIROS opens the 20th Annual Medicine Wheel

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Event Update

a site-specific performance piece
at the opening of the

WHERE: Boston Center for the Arts CYCLORAMA
539 Tremont Street. Boston. MA 02116

WHEN: Wednesday Evening, November 30th. 2011
11:00 pm
Doors open
11:30 pm
Procession starts from the BCA plaza
12:00 midnight
Welcome/Invocation by Michael Dowling
followed by KAIROS Dance Theater’s performance of “REPRIEVE”
(performance duration: approx. 15 minutes)

all events at MEDICINE WHEEL are free and open to the general public

->Follow the link to read dance critic Karen Campbell’s “Critic’s Pick” feature in The Boston Globe: http://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/2011/11/24/arts-week-ahead/MXpNRMMN9vqjSAsAdqgsRP/story.html

Hanna Alex
Jerusha Aman
Jenny Bencze
Angela Conte
Danielle DiVito
Andrea Dumas
Alexlyn Dundas
Laura Eldred
Erin McNulty
DeAnna Pellecchia
Tori Rotchford
Ingrid Schatz
Katie Von Wald
Tara Weaver
Briana West


MEDICINE WHEEL PRODUCTIONS’ (MWP) mission is to transform communities from the inside out by inviting all members to participate in the healing and transcendent power of public art. MWP forges a Common Path—one of inclusion and civic engagement—using art as a threshold to help individuals gain awareness of self, community, and the human condition. MEDICINE WHEEL is an epic work of art created by Michael Dowling, Artistic Director of Medicine Wheel Productions. Produced annually since 1992 in conjunction with World AIDS Day (also known as A Day Without Art), MEDICINE WHEEL is the largest recurring site-specific public art event in Boston. The primary visual component is the wheel itself: thirty-six pedestals and portable shrines arranged in a circle. However, THE WHEEL is much more than an extraordinary sculptural art installation. It exists as a 24-hour vigil of prayer, dance, song and ritual and brings people from every walk of life and every social class together to commemorate the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic, or any loss, that they have experienced in their own communities, and worldwide.

Artists from all over Boston come to THE WHEEL to offer their gifts of music, dance and poetry. An offering will mark each hour of the vigil, from midnight, November 30th through midnight, December 1st.  Artists seek the truth through the manifestation of their gifts and talents. The process of creation becomes a meditation on the truth, peeling away layers of illusion and occlusion, in hopes of glimpsing the light.  Performances at MEDICINE WHEEL become prayers, attendants become less audience and more witness to a passage, a revelation.

This year’s MEDICINE WHEEL opens at midnight on Wednesday, November 30th with an offering by KAIROS Dance Theater. “REPRIEVE”, a site-specific performance piece featuring music by Rachel’s, was conceived and choreographed for a cast of fifteen dancers by Co-Artistic Directors DeAnna Pellecchia and Ingrid Schatz. This year’s offering will mark the twelfth consecutive year that KAIROS has performed at MEDICINE WHEEL. 

To read more about Medicine Wheel Productions, Artistic Director Michael Dowling and this year’s installation visit: http://mwponline.org/wordpress/?p=877

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