PAY UP Beyonce

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Im a huge Beyonce fan – love her. love her music. However, plagiarism is plagiarism.

There was a student once at Boston University, years ago when I had first started teaching there, who had inserted into her choreography a movement phrase created by a fellow faculty member. The student piece was to be performed for live audience at the annual student concert. When the faculty member happened to walk by a rehearsal studio and see the student dancers rehearsing plagiarised choreography, she alerted administration and the student was called into a meeting where she fully admitted she had used the faculty member’s choreography. exactly. move for move. it’s not like she had tried to cover up what she was doing by slightly altering the movement phrase. the fact was she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong. she looked at the department head dumbfounded and said, “well then where do I find moves for my dance?”. Ummmmm, you make em up sweet-haht — its called CHOR. E. OOO. GRAPHY. If you don’t get to copy term papers and call them your own (everyone knows you can be expelled for that), then you don’t get to copy dances. It’s pretty simple.

There’s a clear ethical issue here. Which of course in the real world can always be resolved with MONEY. Besides paying Anne De Keersmaeker some kind of compensation, Beyonce should also make a HUGE financial contribution to contemporary dance – either in the U.S. or Belgium (or both – maybe in the form of a “Make yo own S*#T” scholarship fund:). Pay up Beyonce.

Read De Keersmaeker’s statement:

Read the article in the NY Times:

Read Debra Cash’s article:

Read Beyonce’s Statement:

  1. Matt Samolis says:

    Yeah it’s a huge problem in most of the commercial arts- the creative process is either farmed out, blatantly stolen, or otherwise corrupted in order to maximize appeal and PROFITS. Just please do your own thing, and see who your real friends are…

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