BCA officially announces 2011-2012 residency season

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2011-2012 Dance Residency season announced at the Boston Center for the Arts

BOSTON, MA – The Boston Center for the Arts has selected three companies for the 2011-2012 Dance Residency season. Caitlin Corbett Dance Company of Cambridge, Contrapose Dance of Cambridge and KAIROS Dance Theater of Charlestown were chosen by a jury based on their quality of work as well as their innovation and potential for impact.

The BCA Dance Residency program allows choreographers to create new work by providing free rehearsal and performance space, technical and administrative support and direct financial assistance to be used at the artists’ discretion. Serving as the host for the selected company, the BCA helps develop an audience for residency events through marketing collaboration. This alleviates the choreographer’s workload of certain logistical and financial items, enabling the artist to focus completely on the creation of work and immersion into the process.

 Caitlin Corbett Dance Company consists of dancers who perform a repertoire of contemporary dance work dating from 1984 to the present. The company often expands to include non-dancers – men, women and children of all ages. During their residency from November 21st through December 18th, the company will create a new group work using company dancers to experiment with new ways of generating movement, and rework an existing piece, Duets (2009). This series of one-minute duets is performed by a dynamic assortment of unlikely pairings, most of whom are non-dancers.

Contrapose Dance is a repertory company focused on the development of new work. During their residency from January 16th through February 12th, the company will invite guest choreographers from New York City and Canada to present a series of master classes for the public and create work for the company. Courtney Peix, dance director for the company, will also develop and rework the existing piece Ground.

KAIROS Dance Theater is committed to creating emotionally powerful, viscerally charged dance theater. During their residency from June 4th through July 1st, the company will host a three-day community workshop focused on addressing the topic of female aggression and bullying. They will develop an existing series of six duets, dealing with the same topic, into an evening-length piece entitled That Girl and The Other One, which will incorporate an expanded cast of seven dancers and 10 to 15 community members selected from the three-day workshop.

This season’s jurors were Debra Cash, Dance Critic and Writer; Cheri Opperman, Grants Coordinator for National Dance Project at NEFA; Veronique Le Melle, Executive Director of the BCA; and Kristina Newman Scott, Director of Programs at the BCA.

A full calendar of Dance Residency events will be available on www.bcaonline.org throughout the season. Tickets to Dance Residency Showcases range from $15-$20 and can be purchased at www.bostontheatrescene.com. Class prices and availability vary with the companies.


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