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Horse Story: Mystery

Pammie is a long-time friend and master-teacher of mine. Coincidentally she just so happens to be married to Paula Josa-Jones who also falls into those same two categories. The thing is that when I was hired to dance in Paula’s company 11 years ago I knew I would have much to learn from Paula, as she is a legend in the field — Pammie however, was a spectacular BONUS! A two-mentors-for-the-price-of-one combo! Whenever I travel to New York to dance with horses I have the great fortune of staying in their home. Food is always spectacular, laughs are the kind you remember and conversations are rich and real. The house is always warm and alive — there’s 5 dogs and 10 cats running around in addition to the humans which include their two children Chan and B. Pammie is the one who keeps it all running smoothly. By the time I get up in the morning she has already showered, dressed, fed all of the animals, made everyone breakfast and gotten all our lunches packed for later. She’s amazing! She also has a deep and quiet wisdom about her.  Ingrid and I always joke that we have to get our “Pammie-talk” in before we leave! These are chats that usually last hours and cover everything from “So You Think You Can Dance” to out-of-body experiences. She is a great listener. I love the time I spend with her. I feel very lucky to have her in my life.

Now you can get your own on-line version of “Pammie-talk”! Just visit I highly recommend following her “Animal Talk” blog. Below is a recent post about Sanne, Pam’s horse and one of my favorite equine dance partners/teachers…   

My horse loves me and I love my horse. His name is Sanne which means Lilly in the section of Holland called Friesland. yes, he’s a Fresian. One of those beautiful black horses who shows up as the equine heartthrob in lots of…

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